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Monday 18 August 2014

New L.P and upcoming tour

been too lazy to update this blog but here is the annual update.

we have finished recording and master the upcoming L.P titled Slim Pickings
here is one of the tracks off the record

we also have a tour coming up in October:

16th October
w/ Clean Shirts
The Birds Nest: London, UK.

17th October
w/ Cheap Drugs and Clean Shirts
Music City: Antwerp, Belgium.

18th October
w/ Youth Avoiders
La Mechanique Ondulatoire: Paris, France.

19th October
Lyon/St Ettienne, France. (TBC)

20th October
w/ La Flingue
La Machine A Coudre: Marseille, France.

21st October
Day Off

22nd October
w/ Detergents
Barcelona, SpaIn.

23rd October
Pub Eccos: Zaragoza, Spain.

24th October
w/ Active Minds
Mogombo: San Sebastien, Spain.

25th October
Bergara/Bilbao, Spain. (TBC)

26th October
Sala Arena (matinee): Santander, Spain 

Monday 22 April 2013

Single + gigs

We are going to be releasing a single with two songs that will be featured in our Full length
L.P due to be released towards the end of the year.
It'll  be limited to 100 copies, released by Adult Crash thanks to Jakob!
we will be selling it at ktown festival in copenhagen.

there are about 25 copies left of medicated youth so they have been taken off line for sale.
you can download all our music free from:

Also our gig section has been updated on the right. check it out and see us live somewhere!

Tuesday 19 March 2013

Scotland Adventures and upcoming stuff

we went to scotland. had a great time with the clocked out boys and the Edinbrough birthday crew.
Thanks for having us!

we got a few upcoming gigs we are really excited about! checkem out on the right!
 we recorded 2 new tracks as a bit of a teaser for the L.P we are working on. should be releasing them in one format or another pretty soon, check this space!

Tuesday 12 February 2013

Album reviews

we got a couple of album reviews on our latest 7 inch

Max Rock'n'roll said:

DRY HEAVES - "Medicated Youth" EP
Holy shit this is good. DRY HEAVES remind me a lot fellow countrymen from the now defunct SHITTY LIMITS. Playing a fast old hardcore punk sound with odes to MINOR THREAT and the ADOLESCENTS, yet still keeping in a modern DIY feel, DRY HEAVES deliver one great 7". All the classic subjects are tackled here: people who talk too much; kids being drugged by their parents so they are normal; and the song "Graft"is the classic ode to not wanting to a get a regular job like society tells ya. Oh yeah, this record rocks. (JF)

Razor Cake said:

 DRY HEAVES: Medicated Youth: 7” This record fucking rules. Simple riffs, fast beats, clean vocals… but all played at a frantic beat and with a really crisp recording. I hear old U.K. melodies in the vocals, old American hardcore in the guitar, and rock’n’roll in the drums. This is punk rock by weirdo British kids who drink 40s and skateboard and just want to play shitty tours for no money in other people’s basements. The product is simple, but so organic and unpretentious that it’s hard to even describe the sound. It’s like early Black Flag mixed with the Buzzcocks with a dose of modern party thrash thrown in because they don’t care what you think. Buy this if you think all the early Fucked Up singles were overrated and you still have fun getting drunk at Municipal Waste shows. –Ian Wise

Friday 25 January 2013

some gigs, free Loose Tongues download

we got some gigs coming up check out the list ont right
here is a link to download our first e.p
 Loose Tongues:

Saturday 29 December 2012

post xmas action. Leeds Skateistan Benefit!

 here is a link to the facebook event page: