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Sunday 21 August 2011


Gig tomorrow with Pettybone!

we got a review on scanner zine

DRY HEAVES - s/t {Not Shy Of The DIY} I had to confirm a few times while I listened to this that this five-piece is outta the UK, as this super snotty and supremely effective five-track EP rips and snorts with prime USHC abandon. The songs are short, sulphate-laced blasts on a par with CIRCLE JERKS if delivered with the sneering, incisive precision of CAREER SUICIDE and the ferocious bluster of CRUCIFIX. From the opening roar of ‘What’s Happening’, the whole EP doesn’t let up. The guitars are raw, aurally abrasive and equally suited to thrashing or adding some texture while the vocals are bilious, noxious rages a’la Keith Morris or virtually spoken, taut, claustrophobic and intimidating. Excellent stuff - if OFF! seems a tad contrived for your resolutely HC DIY ears - look no further! (21.08.11)


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